Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab Manual

2023 and 2024 Editions

Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab Manual

*2024 Edition: coming November 2023*


The most detailed resource guide that provides you with specific information on creating a prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation program in the hospital or home that maximizes function after birth



New for 2024

  • COMING SOON Unlimited access to a growing library of resources to provide rehabilitation to the OB population in the hospital, home, and community  
  • Exercise library with modifiable handouts and video examples to guide patients during low or high-risk pregnancy and to start within 24 hours after vaginal and cesarean delivery
  • Word and PDF versions to customize with your hospital's logo
  •  Detailed obstetrics rehabilitation case studies that include considerations for high-risk pregnancy, postpartum complications, OB critical care, postpartum readmission, and pelvic health concerns
  • Inpatient and home health SOAP note template for obstetrics rehabilitation evaluation and treatment recommendations
  • Sample birth plan to review with prenatal clients at home or during antepartum admission who wish to have access to rehabilitation services before, during, or after birth
  • Obstetrics Rehab Clinical Pathway and algorithm to guide interdisciplinary clinical decision making 
  • Sample letter to MD requesting referral for home health or immediate outpatient obstetrics rehabilitation consult before 6 weeks
  • Acute Care Obstetrics Rehabilitation Clinical Competency with proficiency and advanced categories
  • Complete reference list and additional resources including postpartum vital signs and lab values, self-care metabolic equivalencies, and RPE / Target Heart Rate calculations for maternal cardiac safety

Rehabilitation plans of care including prenatal or post-delivery exercises after birth should be prescribed by a licensed or certified professional given the medical acuity of this patient population. Licensed or certified professionals are expected to make any necessary adjustments to the information provided in this manual and by purchasing this manual, the buyer agrees to not hold the authors of this manual responsible in the event of health-related errors that may result in harm.

Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab Manual

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Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab Manual 2023 Edition



  • Acute Care OT and PT algorithm to train OB staff
  • White label PDF and Word versions of exercise handouts 
  • Documentation templates
  • Case Studies
  • OB rehabilitation clinical competency and complete reference list

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Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab 2023 Edition PLUS:

  • Annual updates to manual including patient interventions and exercises, clinical competency, algorithm, case studies, and references
  • Member library with resources, articles, and exercise videos to safely perform with patients during high-risk pregnancy and immediately after birth and pelvic surgery
  • Access to monthly events and interviews with experts to inform on acute care OB practice including special populations (e.g. high-risk pregnancy, perinatal loss, traumatic birth, OB critical care, maternal mental health)

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