We are on a mission to enhance function and recovery after birth and surgery

Getting Started: Intro to Acute Care Obstetrics Rehab Training
Ready to Grow: Certified Perinatal Health Specialist Training

Prioritize function as a Perinatal Health Specialist


The Perinatal Health Specialist is the only certification in the world that expands access to occupational and physical therapy in the hospital and home during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

As a Perinatal Health Specialist, you will have the skills and confidence to enhance recovery and maximize function in the hospital and home around the time of:

  • High-risk pregnancy

  • Vaginal birth

  • Cesarean section

  • Cesarean Hysterectomy

  • Perinatal Loss

  • Obstetric Emergency

  • Obstetric ICU admission

  • NICU admission

  • Perineal wound events

  • Cesarean wound events

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction

  • Pelvic girdle dysfunction

  • and more!
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We train you to Lead

Our Perinatal Health Specialist certification program is designed to teach you how to develop programs and services for individuals in the hospital and community that provide equitable access to care before and after birth and pelvic surgery.

As a Perinatal Health Specialist, you will develop your role as a leader, educator, entrepreneur, and subject matter expert to expand your reach to individuals, healthcare providers, and policymakers across hospitals, universities, and communities.

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Use a step-by-step resource guide to build your program

Included in the Perinatal Health Specialist certification training program or for clinical use as a standalone guide.


Certified Perinatal Health Specialist (PHS)

Step 1

Complete the 30-hour self-paced Enhanced Recovery After Delivery certificate training


Step 2

Pass the Perinatal Health Specialist certification exam with a minimum score of 80%


PHS Credentials

Receive a copy of your certification and officially use the PHS credentials in your practice



Maintain your 2-year certification with CE activities that enhance perinatal health