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Perinatal Health Specialist Certification Training

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30-hour CEU Training

Self-Study and Live Group Sessions with the Instructors


This 30-hour innovative training fulfills criteria for the Perinatal Health Specialist certification. It guides professionals on developing a new program or expanding an existing service that improves maternal and infant health with rehabilitation in the hospital and at home.

Gain recognition within a larger network of services and develop the skills you need to transform maternal, infant, and pelvic healthcare in hospitals and the community, both locally and nationally.

The tremendous volume of resources within this training will guide you to successfully prepare individuals and their families with the information they need to optimize their healing within the first 6 weeks and throughout the first year after birth and any pelvic surgery.

Expedite function and recovery before and after birth as a Certified Perinatal Health Specialist. Study groups will run from December 2023 to February 2024 to prepare individuals to sit for the exam. Exam opens March 2024.

Unique features

This 30-hour Enhanced Recovery After Delivery program features:

  • 15-hour CEU livestream and recorded training with ERADâ„¢ co-founders: Dr. Rebeca Segraves, PT, DPT, WCS and Dr. Jenna Segraves, PT, DPT, NCS

  • 15-hour self study trains professionals to start a program or grow an existing service for individuals in the hospital and community before and immediately after birth

  • Participants will be prepared to evaluate and treat individuals and their families in the hospital and home during high-risk pregnancy and within 24 - 48 hours after vaginal delivery, cesarean section, cesarean hysterectomy, perinatal loss, obstetric emergency, obstetric ICU admission, NICU admission, perineal tears, cesarean wound events, symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic girdle dysfunction, and more

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Your purchase supports our mission to expand access to services for individuals earlier after birth and pelvic surgery. We will be more than happy to replace your purchase with a product or service of equal value if you are not satisfied for any reason. Thank you for your support of our mission and we look forward to collaborating with you on your professional journey!

What People Are Saying:

I love this course and this area of practice for OT/PT. I strongly believe that we will be an integral part of the postpartum process in acute care and the first 6 weeks postpartum once we start implementing this program throughout the US. The value of this program to mothers, children, families and society is unmeasurable. Mothers need to be taught how to thrive, barely surviving is not good enough.

Jessica Hammond, OTR/L

This course was amazing! I look forward to the day that all health care providers are taught this content in school so they can comprehensively treat women during a time when they are the most vulnerable. The thoughtfulness, time and commitment you put into developing this course cannot be understated. The way you all communicate; the use of PowerPoints combined with rich discussion; the group work and demonstrations; the resources you provide; the case studies and personal experiences that have informed and motivated your work...this information will change the face of maternal health care, curb the statistics and improve people's quality of life in ways I can't begin to imagine. To say that we are part of the same profession is humbling. The two of you are literally changing the world one interview; one course; one patient at a time and now magnifying your results as you are selflessly sharing your content and resources with us. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Dr. Katherine Sylvester, PT, DPT

I had the privilege of taking the online course and in person. Both courses were packed with content, and I was able to gain a wealth of knowledge. I personally gained even more information during the in person course because I am a hands on learner. Rebecca and Jenna were able to answer all my questions and provide me deep insight on how to properly work with the obstetric population. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to work with this population!!

Jasmine Dockett, OTR/L

This excellent review is not given lightly. I am very new to the world of maternal care - I have not treated patients in this population yet or experienced birth myself. I say this because I was concerned that I didn't have the background knowledge I would have needed to get the most out of this course. I was thoroughly impressed not only with the amount of information we reviewed but with the instructors willingness to teach and discuss as we did. They did a wonderful job of facilitating a safe learning environment. I was encouraged and inspired listening to peers who are already working in this field sharing about their experiences and enriching my takeaway from the course. I came into this training with only a general desire to support and care for women during this season of life. I am so pleased to say I have finished the course feeling ready and excited to do exactly that!

Cortlynn Cartonia, OTR/L

I am blown away by how amazing and helpful this course was! I have been passionate about the perinatal population but feel like I have been struggling to find my path in how to best serve them. This has given me so many new ideas and tools on how to do that. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and share the content in an approachable and empowering way, while also allowing space for the course participants to be interactive, add and contribute from their unique perspectives, and create an environment for true learning and sharing. I would recommend this course to anybody in the perinatal world (and already have!)!

Dr. Jacki Gilpin, PT, DPT

Thank you so much for this awesome course. As a Pelvic OP PT that hasn't worked Acute in 5 years, I didn't really know what my knowledge gaps were regarding acute mobilization in the antenatal/postnatal period, and this helped me immensely. I feel like the course has made me more comfortable and able to go into an acute space. I feel that I have to tools to help advocate for a PT/OT team at my hospital to start providing maternal support.

Dr. Emma Duran, PT, DPT

In this course, Rebeca & Jenna present compelling content that is well-researched in addition to labs & demonstrations of hands-on skills that directly translate to patient care, all while promoting engaging conversation amongst the cohort. Thank you for empowering leaders to build and sustain perinatal & postpartum programs, to take action and join together as we work to advance maternal healthcare.

Kailie Prindle, OTR

This course was exactly what I needed! I have had a passion for peri-natal and postpartum care, but had no idea where to start! Rebeca and Jenna were absolutely amazing, providing thorough knowledge, practical interventions, and clinical pearls throughout the two day course! I truly enjoyed every minute of the course and now feel like I have the resources to get started! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for OB PTs! But I am beyond inspired after this course! Thank you!

Dr. Emily Mitchell, PT, DPT

This course makes me believe that role of OT is expandable and that I can be of help at some level to mothers in alleviating not just physical but mental pain, limitations with pre, ante and post partum journey. Wonderful guidance, various treatment tools and overall a new perspective in maternal care was provided by Ms Rebaca Segraves and Ms Jenna Segraves.

Deepal Trivedi, OTR/L